Better Long Form Publishing

What is StringPrint?

StringPrint is a better way of displaying longform content on the internet.

StringPrint takes a Word document and publishes the content as a nicely formatted webpage. It intelligently creates a navigation structure and uses a DeepCite system to make it so each paragraph can be individually linked and shared.

It aims to fill a gap in the lack of tools for longform publishing aimed at the policy/research community and replace PDF as the default way ideas are released.


  • Auto-generates TOC and navigation structure.
  • Can be easily read and shared from mobile and desktops.
  • Automatically creates links for each paragraph - that work even if content is re-arranged.
  • Can provide 'catchup' for readers who follow a link deep into the document - giving a summary of what they've missed.
  • Smart concealment and reveal of notes and footnotes.
  • Can be used 'open' (no access restrictions and easy to host) or with a paywall.

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What's wrong with PDFs?

  • Many are never read. The World Bank found 1/3 of their reports were never even being downloaded. As many again were hardly read at all. A lot of research has already been produced that could go further if it was easier to read/share.
  • A4 in a world of phones. It's hard to read PDFs on mobile devices and these are fast becoming the primary way people access the internet.
  • PDFs cannot be deep-linked. By making it easy to link back to the initial paragraph, we make it more likely people will not only read the interesting information being shared - but that they’ll read on and learn more from your writing.

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Paywalled Site (requires own installation):

We're currently testing StringPrint and are interested in finding organisations to work with.

If that's you, or you're interested in hearing as we open up, please get in touch:

stringprint (at) inkleby dot com

Or sign up for more information as we develop: